First impression matters

Website design and implementation

Your website is the primary way of communicating your company’s vision, goals and products to the outside world. It is often the first impression that you make on the customers and their first point of contact.

We develop UX friendly websites making them easy to navigate for your customers. We design clear and modern layouts. We take care of convenient content administration.
Our team designs and implements basic websites on CMS WordPress engine. Large e-commerce platforms are developed in cooperation with a partner software house that specializes in Magento based projects.

How we work

The purpose of your website may be to reach out with your offer to the public, sell goods in your online store or present a new product or service. Once we get to know the goal, we prepare functional mock-ups, graphic design and an always responsive final product. Smartphone and tablet users will generate more than half of the traffic on your website. It must therefore be fully functional on any device or screen size.

We always choose technologies and resources based on your needs

The websites which we develop have a unique design based on the proven and most popular content management system available (CMS WordPress) That combination of open source software, specialized plugin’s, extensions and original coding work of our graphic theme, will result in a product satisfying even the most demanding customers.

The operation and administration of the websites which we develop is designed to be as easy as possible, which is an important feature that will reduce and minimize the cost of any subsequent maintenance.


Gulf Automation Systems

Logo, branding, web design

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    Comprehensive Exceedo offer

    Photo & Motion

    You want customers to see your product in the best light and we will make sure that your brand looks as good as it possibly can.

    Design & Branding

    At we discover special features and values of your brand, select the most important of them and create unique visual communication. Consistent and legible creation we provide boosts your business. We bring brands, packaging and interactive experiences to life.



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